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What’s Our Story?


 We moved our family of four to Panama City FL in 2008 to pursue unique opportunities in the gaming and massage industries. In 2012, our lives changed forever, as my wife Anada and I found out we were pregnant with twin girls.

It was one of the craziest, most awesome things that ever happened although somewhat frightening.  However, traveling abroad and living the “American Dream” with four children to nurture was not easy but amazing.

Entering 2016, the birth of our fifth child further lit the fire to operate a small business. I thought, “I need to spend more time with my family and work a job with flexible hours.”

At the time we were making 30-40 dollars an hour in service-based jobs. Taking this leap of faith was scary but we had confidence from seeing God’s hand previously.

In the year 2018 we were attacked physically, emotionally & financially. In 2020 things finally started to shift. No, that year wasn’t great obviously, but the time off due to Covid presented other opportunities. 

I started as a loan signing agent in 2016 and immediately saw success working part time as an LSA and by 2019 my full-time job was restricting opportunities.

After a long and respectful conversation with my employer of 10 years, I turned in my two weeks’ notice, quit my job, and became small business owner.  My wife closed her massage business and fully committed in 2020 and our business doubled.
We continue to build in the Bay, Gulf and Walton counties looking to the future! This wouldn’t be the company it is today without you. Our mission is to continue to do uplifting work and provide unrivaled value.

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