FBI FD-258 cards with traditional ink rolling. (No Livescan)
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What Is Fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting is the act or an instance of taking an ink impression of someones fingerprints for the purpose of identification. If you or someone that you know needs this service don’t hesitate to give us a call. Fast and efficient as always; one of our skilled specialist will come directly out to you with all of the necessary equipment and materials needed to perform the task. We provide the standard FD-258 fingerprinting cards. All you will have to do is present your identification to us and give us your hands. We then roll your fingers over the ink and then onto the cards. Once the fingerprints have been processed, we will give you the completed fingerprint
cards to take with you
If you are a company or facility that needs this service, give us a call today! 

Methods Of Mobile Fingerprint Capture


Ink Fingerprinting is the traditional way of taking fingerprints on fingerprint cards using the “ink and roll” method.


Our software allows us to digitally capture your fingerprints and print them out on fingerprint card. You can bring in your own card or use one of our cards. This can be used as a no mess solution that also meets requirements of an ink card


The FD-258 card is a popular request we get from customers that want to submit their fingerprint record to the FBI. We capture your fingerprints electronically and print them on a card which meets ink requirements

Our technicians are trained fingerprint technicians.

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